Guided wine tourist visits

The wine is the happy product of the meeting between the nature and the culture of the man who lives there. It is, so, inevitable that the love of the wine stimulates to run along through the territory, its history, the vineyards and the cellars.
So that, we propose and organize on request or on booking cultural visits in Italian and foreign wine production zones.
In the proposed tourist parcels we shall pay attention to the transfers, visits at one or more vineyards or cellars, with a guided wine tasting proposed by the respective wine experts, the presentation of other possible high-quality food stuffs productions and of other main territory attractions, further on lunches or dinners which are respectful of the local attractives.
In case of visits that engage more than a day we shall provide too the overnight stay, when possible in suggestive land tourist structures, which are immersed in the landscape.
We are just organizing:
• On the Po’s Delta with Goro’s fishermen: during the trip by the boat the chef Morgan Pasqual prepares directly the daily catch;
• We shall meet in Franciacorta: if the little bubbles have given it fame, you don’t miss calm appreciable wines, both to get married with Iseo’s lake fish, staying overnight in the old Borgo Villa at Monticelli Brusati, going back to the Middle Age, which it has now splendidly restored;
• The Etruschi’s wine: Alta Valdera, between Pisa and Volterra, in the rear of the Etruschi’s coast, covered by vineyards and olive-groves, will welcome you at Terricciola guest of the Badia wine firm in Morrona and of the land tourism drawn by the farm property belonging to the old monastery now splendidly restored.






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