Wine knowing courses

The idea is born to give an answer to the need today wide-spread of knowing and appreciating the wine, knowing how to taste, to serve and to couple it correctly to the foods, everything with strictly necessary theoretical knowledge and with a real approach.
The experience in the field has permitted us to answer the need with a base course, addressed to the absolute beginners and one for the sensorial analyses study.
Both the courses are programmed on the territory (public shops, libraries, private houses and so on) with the request and opportunities and all are divided in five not demanding lessons developed in conversational form.
For answering to the variable exigencies of the customers, the lessons will be made occupying the afternoon or the evening both for three hours.
The two and half beginning hours are dedicated to the subject illustration and to the display of the most important notions, developed in relation with the interests and curiosity of the audience, with the use of the necessary didactic material. The end half hour is dedicated to the tasting of three wines appropriately chosen with a gastronomic speciality.
At the end of the course it will be release a presence certificate.

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