The name

Selectus in Latin signifies choice and first Luca Purelli individually then the new company in the web-site which you have leaded to, have taken the name, curt and easy to impress in your mind, because it synthesizes effectively the quality reference and to the selection which inevitably pairs it, as guide criterion of their professional and commercial management lines.

Why the Latin?

Because it takes root in the wine-making and Mediterranean gastronomic culture, in which we acknowledge ourselves and the same medical science proposes as model to the whole world.

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We move for moving you

Selectus - Selezione vini

More than a slogan it is a project that is based on our personal history. The large years passed in attending the wine and table world, don’t prevent, in fact, to be enthusiastic and to enjoy as the debuts, and have allowed to acquire a better speaking from a knowledge that we think right to put at your disposal so that you share our pleasure.
Which is then the way that does put us to land in the network?
Luca Purelli’s experience begins twenty years ago in Berici hills (Vicenza) from the ranks in several cellar workmanships and it continues with a wine-shop and in the refreshments. Become professional sommelier, he attends fairs, tasting benches and qualified competitive examinations and come with the Selectus mark to the wines distribution. To this activity today he flanks the wine-maker activity in the young Riva Ratta company in Sarego on Berici hills as well as the wines selection for Italian and foreign commercial firms.
Maurizio Onorato, at one time legal an economic disciplines teacher for more than thirty years, in interested for the same time of wine-gastronomy, writing on local or national magazines and newspapers, publishing some books, making lectures and courses and presenting manifestations. He is too a sommelier and further on the wine tasting techniques he has learnt in the years the “grappe” and cheese ones.

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