The catalogue and the customer assistence

Our catalogue is overall the natural addition of the services we offer you. You will find, so, without any outlay of your time and energies, the wines met on our site, in the knowing wine courses, in the tastings, in the events, in the guided visits and many other things we shall organize, further on distillates and spirits, gastronomy specialities, objects for their service and preservation.
It is, therefore, the result of the same care and same attention to the quality. The well known and prestige labels don’t miss, but we press over all to share with you the pleasure of the lower or niche firms, result of a prudent selection that continues in the time and is compared with your demands.
Who has just clear ideas on what he searches in any case will find an exhausting choice and the right price.
We have tried to make you easy by structuring the catalogue in organic and intuitive way.
Do you want to have a domestic cellar, if possible installing a suitable space? Too choose the bottles that will consent you afford the various daily table and hospitality needs? To make the wise purchases, which look after the various rotation of the wines belonging to the different typologies and to the right report between the price and the quality? We can advise on distance or, in the case of a certain stock cellars, in the place, upon notice, contacting with us by the apposite form.






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