Catering and sommelier service

It makes no difference whether you are firms, companies or privates who love the good staying, put under the care of us your guests.
If you want to organize:
• a business dinner with important customers,
• an evening dinner in a villa,
• a wedding banquet,
• a dinner in your house with friends who love wine-gastronomy,
• a wine tasting evening in your house?
Selectus, thanks to his qualified partners, can take care of the catering and wine service, either coupled or single.
Morgan Pasqual’s tangling cooking with is itinerant “équipe”, the service of one or more sommeliers, in accordance with the guests number, chosen and directed by Luca Purelli, a long experience professional man, will assure you a sure success.
The “mise en place”, the crockery choice and the right glasses, the selection, the coupling, the service temperature and the wines pouring will not be a problem. The same guests curiosities on the plate or on the wines will found a competing answer.
The cooking and service staff and the sommeliers will transmit also in the service dresses an image of assurance and professionality.

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